High Minds Herbal Blend

I received a text message from a friend Barry Connolly one afternoon in amongst some of his newly learned french from spending lockdown on farms in the South of France. “Also what were your 3 ingredients for your herbal blend?” Barry Connolly from @purerareorganics founded the first CSA farm in the north, tucked away in the Walled Garden at Helen’s Bay. With a love for all things that grow from the ground and vines, Barry’s knowledge blew me away alongside his pure love for it all. So when I received the message above I knew I was in for a treat.

As someone who doesn’t smoke with tobacco, I wanted to have something to roll with that complimented the green goodness and not disguise it or give another sort of highness alongside weed.

The first batch of the High Minds blend will be known as “Barry’s Batch”. All hand-picked by the man himself. A blend of raspberry leaf, rose and mint to be used as you please but you know what we recommend.

Available on High Minds Store (link in bio)

Free shipping on this batch: BARRYSBATCH

**Very limited quantities of this batch!